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Elite Health Center provides multiple care in one location

Irene North (Staff Reporter)
July 9, 2015  |  Last Update: Sat, Feb 17, 2018 - 5:18 AM
A local couple is expanding their business while finding ways to help the community.
Jason and Sami Webb have been serving the community for the past 10 years as optometrist and orthodontist, respectively. In that time, they’ve helped hundreds of Panhandle residents. They have expanded their practices to cities outside Scottsbluff. Now, they plan to open the Elite Health Center to expand their practice and help other medical professionals who wish to expand locally or provide a satellite office.

After initially purchasing three acres in 2009, they ended up buying a little more than 11 acres near the corner of 42nd Street and Avenue I in Scottsbluff.

Nationally, wellness centers are gaining ground as a way to provide multiple services, or wraparound services in one location. It allows patients to see their dentist, optometrist, physical therapist, and others in one convenient location, Sami Webb said.
“Nationally it’s now common to see health care professionals in the same spot,” she said. “This makes it easier, especially for the elderly.”

The Webbs were originally motivated to create the Elite Health Center after they realized they needed a place for their businesses to grow.  The current location has 44 parking spots, but the Webbs have 30 staff members, many of whom park on the streets to accommodate patients.  “When we started, Jason had one employee and I had three,” she said.  After a decade at their current location, they found there was still a need for professional/medical office space.  “As we’ve grown our business and wanted to expand, we found there is a need for quality professional space,” said Jason Webb.

What started out as a concept to build their new offices quickly grew into a project to include multiple providers and specialties. The couple sought tax increment financing (TIF) to re-develop the property, which the Scottsbluff City Council has approved. TIF will provide funding for the site development. It is an economic development tool that helps to see larger projects receive financing by capturing the increased property taxes to pay off costs for redevelopment.  “The project grew on us, but we found we can’t do it on our own,” he said. “TIF is the only tool that can get a project of this magnitude done.”  The project will cost about $15 million with $1.8 million to be bonded. Those bonds will be paid back with the tax-increment financing. The remainder will come from private equity and bank financing.  “You see how powerful a tool it is,” he said. “Look at Reganis and how that area grew with TIF.”  Without TIF, a project this size would be unlikely, he said. With the financing, the project will be an anchor to spur new commercial development and investment in the area.

The Webbs see Elite Health Center as an opportunity to expand their practices as well as an opportunity to create a wellness center to attract other medical professionals to the community.  “We think this is a good thing,” he said. “We’ve grown our business from the ground up, but this allows other local businesses to expand.”  The center aims to be a professional medical/office building that will house multiple medical specialties with some speculative space. Though nothing is established yet, the Webbs hope to also have a fitness facility, coffee shop and a daycare.  “We’d like a coffee shop that serves healthy food,” she said. “We’d also like to have a fitness center.”  The daycare will be open to the public, but would be a benefit to employees in the buildings, she said.  “It will be a very convenient amenity for the employees of the building,” she said. “It’s a nice thing to have a daycare nearby.”

For the Webbs, their professions require specific layouts different to general office space to accommodate their needs. Available office space doesn’t fit what they need for medical professionals, they said.  “We’re competing with Ft. Collins and Rapid City,” he said. “These types of facilities would be a good recruitment tool for the future.”

They already have commitments from others in the area and outside Scottsbluff.  “The people coming are confidential at this point,” she said.  While the investment is huge, the Webb’s desire to continue to find ways to help the community is the motivating factor in building the Elite Health Center.  “Nothing we do is meant to compete with others in the area,” she said. “That’s not our intent. We want to compliment what is already here.”

The Webbs hope to begin construction by early fall.  The site is on 11.08 acres. The building has a 51,000 square footprint with a lower level and a smaller upper level. The upper level has several lease spaces available.
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